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Over the years we’ve published a number of detailed and informative articles about youth soccer for coaches, team managers, and parents. As we approach 1000 articles on our site, it can be hard to find them all. So we’ve started this page to collect the ones we think are the most useful. If you come across other articles on our site that aren’t listed here, leave a comment with a link to the story and we’ll review it for inclusion here. If there are topics you’d like to see here that we’ve never covered at OTP, let us know that too. If this page is popular enough, we may start a more in depth guide that includes links to external reference information on other websites. Feel free to leave links to those in the comments as well.

OTP Youth Soccer Reference Guide


Team Managers


League Administration

We hope you find this resource helpful and feel free to link to it on your own team or league websites if you wish. For those of you who are new to On The Pitch, if you find any of these articles worthwhile, be sure to visit our blog or subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest articles. You can also keep tabs on our latest on most social media websites. Simply visit our homepage and look for the buttons in left sidebar.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Fez Barnard and I am a qualified FA football referee officiating out of Surrey in the UK for the last six years

    Over the years I have been asked by many new referees such questions as;
    ‘How to eject an angry parent’
    ‘How do I deal with foul and offensive language.’
    ‘How do I deal with child abuse.’

    With this in mind, I wrote a book; Diary of a New Referee.

    From child abuse to foul and offensive language, the referee is expected to deal with it all. Standing in the middle of the park on your first game is daunting, especially when all eyes are looking at you, just waiting for you to make your first mistake.

    Inspired by Graham Poll and help from Tim Lawrence and Brian Hall, this diary provides an insight to problems and issues I had on the field of play and where I turned to enhance my knowledge. Hearing how others dealt with certain situations helped me enormously. I just hope my experiences can help you with your tricky situations.

    This 50+ page book has Just been released on in three formats; hardback, paperback and eBook, starting from as little as £3.50

    Should you have any queries or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

    Fez Barnard

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