National ‘C’ License

Taking the USSF National ‘C’ License Class the next two weeks. The 234 page course manual starts off with: “Creativity and ball skills always come first” This is going to be a great class!

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  1. I completed my “E” a few months ago and it revolutionized my approach. I can only imagine that your “C” will do the same for you. As coaches I think that we need to push ourselves as hard as we push our players. And by push, I mean respecting the game and doing everything that we can to do be our best.

    I’m sure you did fine, but I just found your post and wanted to share my thoughts. You have a great blog and I’m excited to read more of your thoughts – in addition to all of the rest of your resources.

  2. Please can someone tell me how i get started on a course in soccer coaching