Welcome to the Youth Soccer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at On The Pitch. The goal is to create a comprehensive resource for soccer parents, coaches, and volunteers – new and experienced. We have broken the FAQ into sections to make it easier to navigate. One exciting feature we’re using allows parents and coaches to ask questions if they can’t find an answer. If you ask a question, and we feel it should be included, we’ll research an answer and publish it. Experienced youth soccer parents and coaches are encouraged to include answers with their questions if they feel there is a topic that should be included in a given FAQ.

You can also rate answers for any FAQ question. If you find any errors or have something to add to an existing answer, you can post a comment on a given question’s page, or send us an email at [email protected]. Please include the URL and the complete question. We also welcome ideas for new sections, especially if a given section is getting too big.

We hope you find this feature useful. We want to make On The Pitch as useful as possible to all youth soccer parents, coaches, and administrators. Feedback is always welcome!

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