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Ten Questions For Soccer Parents

When you coach for player development instead of wins, it can be difficult to keep parents on board. This recent list of questions can help your parents look for development, even if your teams aren’t winning all the time.

Coaches, Teachers, and Parents… Oh My!

There are a lot of parallels between teaching and coaching kids, including the issues faced when dealing with parents. One well known educator recently published a plea with parents to better understand the troubles teachers face and how to help. Much of it applies to youth sports as well.

Friendly Advice From A Soccer Mom

Some friendly advice from a soccer mom to her’s daughter’s coach…

Should Youth Sports Administrators Solicit Anonymous Feedback?

Should schools and sports leagues solicit anonymous feedback from parents?

The Roar Of The Crowd

Stories of loud and obnoxious soccer parents are not hard to come by. We’ve all encountered them, though in my experience they’re not as widespread as the media would lead you to believe. When you do encounter them, it’s usually a couple of parents being loud and/or obnoxious while the other parents behave (and often try to get as far away from the loud ones as possible). Even then, the loud parents are loud in bursts, but it’s sporadic. Recently we encountered what had to be the loudest and most obnoxious group of team parents we’ve ever heard.

Hey Mom, Dad, It’s OK To Lose!

‘Winning isn’t everything’ is a common cliche, but for many youth soccer parents and coaches it is. This short sighted perspective is hurting youth soccer and preventing the development of skilled soccer players.

I Hate Tryouts

hate tryouts. I’ve always hated tryouts. Kids are stressed. Parents are stressed. Coaches are stressed. Why? Because more often than not – the adults are acting like children.

Another Coaches Gift Idea

Here is a neat idea for a coaches gift to preserve memories from the previous season

How Many Kids Are REALLY Over Scheduled?

For decades, parents have been convinced by the media that we’re ruining our kid’s lives by having them participate in too many activities. Yet new data shows that may not really be the case.

Heard On The Pitch

SoccerDad shares a funny comment made during a recent U12 soccer match in the heart of NASCAR country.

Banished From The Sideline

A Maryland league is dealing with inappropriate parent behavior through team sportsmanship liaisons and if that doesn’t work, banishment from the sidelines.

Be DOC For A Day – How Would You Respond?

The parents of a U10 player want their child to only be playing striker, and emailed their DOC to complain. How you you respond to such a request for such a young player?

Kick Like A Girl – A Documentary

When an undefeated girls soccer team called The Mighty Cheetahs goes looking for stronger competition, they find it in the boys division of their soccer league. Their coach, who happened to be in film school at the time, decided it would make a compelling story for a documentary and the result is ‘Kick Like A Girl’, a documentary due to be released this summer.

Kid Walks To Practice And Sets Off Hysteria

A mother of a 10 year old boy had her child picked up by police while he was walking 1/3 of a mile from his house to the local soccer fields after many concerned neighbors called 911, concerned that a young boy was walking alone. In a small Mississippi town.


The English Football Association has launched a major educational campaign called ‘Respect’ designed to help parents and coaches be more supportive of their children, referees, and the youth game in general. It’s fantastic.