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  1. John
    September 25, 2006

    Thanks for a great post. I coach U13s and U10s and find myself fighting the urge to shout instructions from the sidelines. I find with the older team, my shouting is directly proportional to that of the other coach. With my older girls this weekend the other coach was a major screamer and I found myself trying to compete. But of course, then I realize that they can’t hear you anyway.

    With the U10s, I find the more shouting I do the worse they do– they start listening to me rather than getting into the play.

  2. Simon Icke
    July 1, 2008

    Touchline Shouting
    ..a poem by Simon Icke, Aston Clinton, England.

    Touchline shouting, that’s all I ever hear.
    I’m so confused and filled with fear.
    I’m only ten years old and football should be fun.
    But with all this noise, I don’t know which way to run.
    “Get back in defence!” My manager shouts.
    Dad shouts, “Get up front and deal with these louts!”
    Loud mouth supporter, who knows all the rules;
    (He takes the rest of us for fools)
    Shouts, “What are you doing boy? Your head is in a spin!”
    Is it any surprise with all this din?

    I am only a boy
    So why do you all try to destroy
    What I’d love to enjoy?

    copyright Simon Icke first published 1998 UK.

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