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Toxic Metals In Soccer Uniforms

Are there toxic chemicals in the soccer apparel our children are wearing all year? A worrisome report recently came out from the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC) that found ‘worrying’ levels of chemicals in Euro 2012 replica team jerseys. High levels of lead, organotin compounds, nickel, and nonylphenol were found, in some cases so high the BEUC recommended the shirts be banned.

Soldiers Making Children Smile With Soccer Balls

A group of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan are bringing smiles to the faces of local children by handing out soccer balls from the USSF Passback program in partnership with Eurosport.

Effective Field Lighting

If you are looking to add lights to a soccer field, there are many factors to consider.

Cleartainers – Portable Recycling Bins

Improving recycling at soccer complexes can often be done by using the right containers. One company has a neat collapsible container that would be perfect for soccer complexes that host big events, but the pricing is prohibitive.

Media Outlets Checking Soccer Goal Anchors

Despite a rash of tragic accidents involving unanchored soccer goals in recent years, many organizations still aren’t ensuring the goals are anchored to the ground. An Arizona TV station decided to see just how many are continuing to ignore this important safety issue.

Berry Bright Cleats

Nike just released a limited edition version of their Mercurial Vapor IV cleat in bright pink – called the Berry. BRIGHT!

No Professional Team Names For Kids

Major League Baseball is telling little league teams they can’t even use names like Tigers or Rays on their uniforms without paying for official licensed MLB uniforms. Apparently the $3.3 Billion of revenue on MLB licensed merchandise isn’t enough.

Cooper Thieves Hitting Soccer Field Lighting

Copper thefts have been going on for some time as the cost of copper has skyrocketed. Thieves are unfortunately turning their attention to athletic fields, with a number of soccer associations left in the dark after thieves ripped the wiring out of their field lights.

Folding Soccer Net Recall

Tweet If you purchased a folding soccer goal in recent years, you should measure the size of the net squares to see if they are 4″ or 5″ across. Regent Sports Corp is recalling these nets, made under the Mitre and MacGregor name, after a toddler got his head tangled in a net and died […]

Another Soccer Goal Fatality

Tweet Another child has died from a falling soccer goal in Arizona, less than 4 months after another child died in Phoenix: YUMA, Ariz. — A fourth-grader at a San Luis elementary school is dead after a soccer goal fell on him and another student early Thursday, San Luis police said. An ambulance rushed both […]

Retailers Pulling Bottles With Bisphenol-A

Tweet Late last year, we posted some information about popular water bottles for young athletes and a potentially dangerous chemical in them called bisphenol-A (BPA). The FDA did not feel the evidence warranted banning the substance in baby and water bottles, but many consumer advocates did. After intense lobbying, it looks like the advocates are […]

Colorful, Bold, Iridescent Cleats?

Tweet A while back I put up an article about some colorful cleats one of my players had gotten and mentioned ‘Iridescent’ and ‘Cleats’ in the article. Well that post gets tons of hit from Google searching for those keywords. But bold colorful cleats are not that common. Kelme had the Chameleon. Adidas PowerSwerve cleats […]

Lessons In Soccer Fashion

Here’s a little tip for any of you who have been running around the house trying to find soccer socks for your child before practice, camp, or a match. One of Soccer Dad’s urchins discovered that soccer socks aren’t the only long black socks to be found in our laundry basket!

New Shinguard Standards

New soccer shinguard standards have gone into effect, requiring manufacturers to annually test their shinguard and indicate the maximum height of a player for a given size. US high schools and the NCAA will require all players wear these NOCSAE certified shinguards starting in the Fall 2008 season.

Black? Black??

Tweet When did the USMNT get an all black kit? Hey – anything is better than the Old Navy Pajamas – but all black? Well, if we can go to Poland and wear all black, we certainly can go somewhere else and wear RED like so many people want! I can understand not wearing red […]