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Stolen Player Passes End State Cup Dreams

Tweet @soccer_nation: Youth Soccer News: PLAYER CARDS STOLEN – Theft of Equipment Bag Ends SDSC B97 Elite Navy State Cup Dreams – what… http://t.co/S3mSthIBEU I simply cannot believe they tossed these kids out. Club registrars are agents of the state association. How could they not certify the roster was legit if they had done the […]

Toxic Metals In Soccer Uniforms

Are there toxic chemicals in the soccer apparel our children are wearing all year? A worrisome report recently came out from the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC) that found ‘worrying’ levels of chemicals in Euro 2012 replica team jerseys. High levels of lead, organotin compounds, nickel, and nonylphenol were found, in some cases so high the BEUC recommended the shirts be banned.

A Little Coaching Encouragement Goes A Long Way

We talk a lot about player development (often how broken it is), but we never seem to step beyond that to the obvious foundation to improve it: coaching development. There’s this almost universal assumption that elite coaches are always elite players who move into coaching and are ‘good’ because they know the game and have been coached for years. But they aren’t usually coaching U5-U8 soccer, when kids are learning the critical basic techniques and developing a love for the game. Why don’t we talk about the development of those coaches more beyond ‘Hey take this Youth I Coaching Class’?

What Happened To ‘Spring’ Soccer?

Soccer calendars vary by state, primarily due to the local climate. Yet many soccer parents chuckle at the concept of ‘Spring’ soccer, because the weather can get pretty wild (and cold) some years. Still, the idea of ‘Spring’ soccer generally meant the bulk of the season was played in… the Spring. Here in North Carolina that meant travel matches would start in late February and end in late April. Not any more!

Should Youth Sports Administrators Solicit Anonymous Feedback?

Should schools and sports leagues solicit anonymous feedback from parents?

Mars & Venus Have Nothing To Do With It

Coed soccer teams are very common throughout the US, especially at the Recreational level. Could they be hurting the development of our players, especially girls? One league’s experience seems to indicate that they are.

About That Off-Season…

A running joke among soccer league officers and volunteers is ‘Offseason? What offseason?’ While players and their families can relax during most of the summer, leagues volunteers are usually busy preparing for the Fall and improving things. Coaches are taking classes and perhaps helping with summer programs. What are your plans?

I Hate Tryouts

hate tryouts. I’ve always hated tryouts. Kids are stressed. Parents are stressed. Coaches are stressed. Why? Because more often than not – the adults are acting like children.

Dealing With Municipal Budget Cuts

As the tough economic times continue, many municipalities are making drastic cuts in services. Often recreation departments get hit hard and that can have a huge impact on a soccer program. Here are some ideas on what you can do to ease the pain of municipal budget cuts.

Youth Soccer and Social Media

National soccer organizations have finally started to leverage social networking to give themselves, the sport, and regional/national events more exposure.

The Big Bad Wolf

Many clubs are starting to offer free skills clinics for U9 and U10 age players in an effort to recruit more players for their travel programs. But is that the only reason they’re doing it?

Not My Favorite Time Of Year…

Tryout season is always a stressful time of year for parents and players. But it’s no fun for league administrators either when you consider what they’re dealing with during the ‘off season’

Is Your Club One Click Away From Bankruptcy?

Cyber crime is becoming a major problem when it comes to the finances of small and medium sized organizations. A single act of theft can bankrupt them since banks aren’t liable for losses on commercial/business accounts. Here are some steps your club or organization can take to protect yourself.

Nothing Wrong With Being Prepared

As the risk of a H1N1 or swine flu pandemic increases, soccer leagues should be thinking about how they will handle an outbreak if it occurs. Parents will be getting very nervous if this continues and leagues should be ready to answer their questions and know where to look for valuable information and direction.

Banished From The Sideline

A Maryland league is dealing with inappropriate parent behavior through team sportsmanship liaisons and if that doesn’t work, banishment from the sidelines.