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Extra Officials or Technology?

The Euro 2012 tournament is utilizing goal line officials to provide extra eyes on the ball crossing the line and possibly better angles for fouls in the penalty area. This seems to be a much better solution than goal line technology, especially if they are allowed to call in fouls from the area.

Beckham Sent Off From Youth Soccer Match

David Beckham recently received a red card and was sent off. No shock there, right? Except this time it was at a youth soccer match!

Vanishing Spray???

Anyone who watches professional soccer knows about ‘magic spray’ that mysterious spray trainers use to ‘cure’ injured players on the pitch. But when I encountered ‘Magic Spray’ in an official USSF memorandum, I was stumped and had to do a little research.

Maybe More Sports Need A BLUE Card

After a video of many flagrant fouls by a high school basketball player went viral, it triggered an intense debate. Should officials do more to rein in players who intentionally foul opponents?

Is There A Referee Shortage?

You often hear about a referee shortage in the US, partly due to people not wanting to endure matches with misbehaving parents. But is there really a shortage?

How To Deal With Rough Play

The ZenMaster shares some tips on how teams can handle dirty play and react to it in ways to counter it and evne take advantage of it.

Differences In How Boys And Girls Retaliate

An experienced referee has some interesting observations about how older players may retaliate in different ways depending on their gender and what to look for.

An Epic Rant for Youth Soccer Referees

Referee’s endure an unacceptable amount of abuse from overzealous soccer coaches and parents. But there also are referees who just don’t take their responsibility seriously, and a recent forum poster lets off an epic rant on many of the reasons why they should.

A Scary Weekend of Injuries

A recent weekend in Georgia saw a significant number of serious soccer injuries. Soccer is definitely a contact sport and the risk of injury very real. Perhaps it’s time for youth referees to start showing the plastic more often.

Insights On Becoming A Referee

Charlie Slagle, the CEO of North Carolina’s largest soccer league, Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), has a soccer radio show that is broadcast every Saturday morning at 7AM called Back of the Net. His most recent show looks into what is required to become a soccer referee and how far you can go.

They Aren’t Delicate Flowers!

Can someone explain to me why referees will show cards to boys, but not girls who are the same age? They aren’t all delicate flowers!

Tackling From Behind

Tweet I love responding to comments from readers – it’s part of what makes writing a blog fun. But occasionally I find a comment and/or the response warrant a full blown post, so don’t be surprised if you ask an intriguing question and it ends up on Page 1 😀 Recently a parent posted a […]

Reason #367 Not To Heckle Referees

Tweet They may start drinking. I know, I know – I shouldn’t joke around because if a drunk ref showed up at my kid’s match I’d be a bit upset. But still, I found it hilarious the kids (at least they look like older kids) continued to do thier post-match drills while the ref was […]

How Accurate Is Ball Flight Technology?

The use of technology in soccer for things like goal line calls, offside, and more has always been experimental, and even then has been controversial. While arguing over a referee’s call is often a soccer fan’s favorite pastime, few fans or officials support its use in the beautiful game. However, more often than not the debate is about technology’s impact on the flow of the game, not accuracy. Yet as technology is evaluated for use in soccer, we cannot overlook the fact the technology is imperfect and subject to errors.

Out Of Bounds Player and Offside

Tweet Anyone watching the Netherlands v Italy match in Euro 2008 saw a Netherland’s goal allowed that seemed to be  offside – except there was an Italian defender out of bounds behind the end line. So many wondered if that player factored into any offside decision. The answer is Yes. The question was did he […]