FIFA’s president now feels that World Cup finals should not be decided on penalty kicks. Am I the only person who thinks a PSO is just fine? Sepp Blatter feels it is a tragedy:

‘When it comes to the World Cup final it is passion, and when it goes to extra time it is a drama,’ the head of world football’s governing body said in an earlier speech. ‘But when it comes to penalty kicks it is a tragedy.

‘Football is a team sport and penalties is not a team, it is the individual.’

Well, the teams had 2 hours to try and decide a winner and didn’t. At that point you sort of need to reach a conclusion. I personally thought the PSO in this year’s World Cup was filled with plenty of drama. Buffon vs Barthez. After a hard fought match it all comes down to the keepers.

I know I’m probably in the minority, but I have no problem with deciding a match on penalties. If you’ve played for two hours and you still can’t break the tie – it’s time to shoot.

That said – I think an extra sub for overtime would be a welcome addition. (HT My Soccer Blog)