A Youth Soccer Team Manager’s Handbook

Our league recently completed our first Youth Soccer Team Manager’s Handbook for managers of our youth soccer teams. It is intended to be a comprehensive guide to managing a youth soccer team from start to finish. While some of the information is specific to North Carolina, or even our own league, I thought I would share it with you all as some may find it useful for their managers while others may have ideas and feedback for us. I know many leagues have similar documents, but if yours doesn’t and you want to use this as a starting point in creating your own, you are welcome to.

Take a peek and let me know what you think. We’re hoping to continually update and improve it.

UPDATE: Here are the latest versions – we split them up for Rec and Travel teams:

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  1. Thanks for posting your document. My kids’ club has something similar, but it is always nice to see what others are doing.

    Inside the document you make reference to an online tool used to manage your teams. Is this a homegrown application, open source, or commercial? Where might I get a copy to evaluate for my club.

  2. It is home grown, but something I’ve hoped to open up or commercialize at some point. I just haven’t had the time to polish it enough. Still busy adding features each season and improving how it functions.

  3. Michael,

    I meant to ask – is there anything significant you found in our document that was missing or something your club does differently, perhaps more efficiently?

  4. You should consider updating your links if the team managers handbook is still good…. I like that Mebane has 2 one for rec and one for travel…

    Team Manager – North Davidson Soccer League ’99 Lady Sidekicks.

  5. Sorry about that Robert – had no idea the link had broken. I’ve updated the links with our latest versions.

    Good luck this season! I’m helping with our ’99 girls team here in Mebane, but we’re in the Piedmont division this go around so we won’t face each other. :)