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  1. soccer coach
    February 5, 2014

    Please Please Please take the time to go do coaching courses. Get you licences! They are not the end all be all of coaching, but they will drastically move you away from the bonehead notions that are being written here. If you wrote in your post anywhere, “My U10 or U12 team went undefeated and has the lowest goals against average in the league.” THEN YOU HAVE FAILED THE KIDS ON YOUR TEAM. I’m sorry if your offended, but the emphasis at this age should be on psycomotor skills, coordination, technical abilities and teaching them to be compitent in 1v1, 2v2 and other small team tactics up to about 4v4. I am a college coach and it is really disheartening to read about U10 coaches designing formations around what will give them the best chance to win. Develop competitiveness in individual moments, like how many juggles they can do, how many passes in a certain time, how many times they can dribble up and down weaving through cones. Use the US national team technical test (which you can find online). Please Please Please, stop teaching them that the measure of success in wins and losses. YOU ARE FAILING THE KIDS ON YOUR TEAM. WINNING MATTERS, BUT NOT AT U10!

  2. Coach Greg U9 Boys
    February 13, 2014

    1st year competitive league coach trying to find the right balance of playing the better players and pleasing all the parents. Starting to realize I can’t please everyone. 12 players on the team one player with great skills, 4-5 decent players who play hard, 3 who working hard and getting better, and three who if I had a do-over I would’ve not taken.
    After a slow start in Fall (0and 3), we turned our season around by giving the better players much more time on the field. Winning came at a price, after our strongest game we ever played, two parents approached me after the game and were very upset due to their kids playing time. A big meeting with the club ensued. I stood my ground on the kids playtime and the season continued. My question is what is the proper playtime for very weak players on a competitive team?
    And what’s the best way to relay this to the parents?

  3. Coach Aaron U12 Premier
    February 14, 2014

    @Coach Larry

    Write this formation on a sheet of paper and look at the many options you have as triangles. Versus making girls run laps I have them run in formations of triangles. They hate it but when the kickoff wistles blows it just becomes natural (very nice to watch as it develops in them). The roles are simple, if our team has the ball everyone is on offense and must stay dedicated to their zone (triangle on their side of the field). We lose posession and it becomes man to man, with nearest defender attaching. You will find that 9 times out of ten they will be covering within their triangles automatically.

    @soccer coach
    You are so right. In case you didnt notice I never reacted to comments on how much they win. When I was bashing the license modules I was referring to their on field strategies, not their philosphy on mental developments.

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