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  1. mpr08
    March 29, 2012

    that’ awesome! when i was coaching, especially at the younger rec level, i on the first truly rainy/muddy day i would do mud angels with the gals. yup, when i blew the whistle we would all drop and do mud angels. told them they can be as girly or tomboy as they want to be-that’s the beauty of the game. on the field it doesn’t matter as long as you give 110%. some parents couldn’t believe it but it was a way to make it fun and get them used to the fact that here in seattle we play in any weather (except lightning). coached several of the gals from kindergarten until 5th grade when 8 of the 13 moved to the premier/travel club level. I continued to coach the remaining 5 + new players for two more seasons until my daughter’s travel schedule conflicted too much.

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