Son, About That Cup…

It amazes me how many boys don’t wear cups in soccer. My son refused to wear his in Tae Kwon Doe until he saw someone else in his class ‘take one for the team’. Now he wears it. Maybe I should have shown them both this:

fail owned pwned pictures


Of course I say that knowing last night my life flashed before my eyes. During my U12 practice last night, I came up to one of our better kickers to pressure her as she turned, went to kick a long ball, and she brought her foot all the way back – like she’s supposed to. I was this close to singing soprano. All the girls busted a gut laughing. All their dad’s and the coaches were twitching on the sideline.

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  1. Great pic and very funny post! I hated wearing a cup too when I was U12. My dad use to make my brother and I wear a cup. I swear it was like the size of a shield and all I remember it doing was causing aggravation on my inner thighs and making me run awkwardly. Eventually we lost them on purpose!!

    p.s. I hope you are feeling better today!!

  2. I’m amazed how many kids won’t wear mouthguards. We tried to require them for U10 on up and bought on for every kid. They ended up all over the soccer complex the first couple weeks and in the end only a few kids wore them religiously. So we make them available for free at our concession stand and you have to go get them. A few parents do, but most do not. Had one of my players take a shot in practice last night that rang her bell through her teeth. She was thankfully OK – but I explained that was why we recommended mouthguards. Nope – not going to wear it.

  3. The leagues that my sons play in now require a cup for U12 and up after a couple of boys got hurt.

    In HS I helped coach a U10 team and took a shot to groin. That’s the last time I coached without a cup.

    Hope your doing ok.