I got a bit behind on email and didn’t see this until yesterday. Looks like US Youth Soccer is forming a new youth national league. Not a whole lot of details to be found (via Google anyway). Even BigSoccer is pretty quiet about it. Should be interesting to see how this transpires and how it dovetails in with ODP.

At its recent meeting, the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors re-affirmed the organization’s plans to form the US Youth Soccer National League.

According to US Youth Soccer President, Larry Monaco, "US Youth Soccer remains committed to the concept of the US Youth Soccer National League. The league will be open to US Youth Soccer members and allow for the nation’s top players and clubs to compete with greater frequency and further their development through additional playing opportunities at higher levels."

The US Youth Soccer National League will offer play for girls and boys and is set to launch beginning with the 2007-2008 seasonal year.

US Youth Soccer programs and events are known for their excellence and the US Youth Soccer National League will continue this tradition. For US Youth Soccer members, the next months will be an exciting time as the plans for the league are finalized.