Adam ‘Right Place, Right Time’ Spangler has an in depth post up from Bradenton, including some statements from US Soccer folks down there related to the USMNT coaching situation. In addition to a lengthy, PC, response from U17 head coach John Hackworth, he caught up with Clint Dempsey who came right out with it: "It’s a huge blow for US Soccer."  No, Clint, tell us how you REALLY feel 🙂 Three cheers for honest opinions!

Adam’s take on yesterday’s conference call is spot on:

These federation announcements always come with a grain of salt the size of Lot’s wife. Frankly, I detest them. The nuts and bolts of sports journalism is as frustrating as anything for me. These calls are a complete waste of time. You sit there listening, pretty much knowing they aren’t going to show their hand, allowing them the politically correct and overly safe answers that in my opinion only add fuel the fire.

Pretty much.