Another week has passed, so what happened with everyone out on the pitch? A lot of rain washed out MANY youth soccer matches in the Southeast. But I’m sure some of you got matches in. Share your funny stories or Tales On The Pitch at our youth soccer forums:

Tales From The Pitch 2009 – Week 10

Each week I’ll select a post from the previous week’s tales to include here. This week we have a story from soccerdad3333 about the dangers of new cleats:

Our kids started playing in Oregon and with a new year comes new shoes. New shoes can be rough on kids. My daughter had 3 games last weekend. Game 1, many of the kids were showing off their new shoes…proud as can be. Game 2: Many kids were not so happy with their new shoes because the were not broken in. Game 3: They were lucky to field a team. It was funny to some extent, but I felt bad for a couple of kids that had some bad blisters. This weekend, we are bringing plenty of “Glide” and “2nd Skin”. The good news is that the shoes should all be broken in.

New cleats can be brutal. I have a pretty strict rule – no new cleats at soccer matches – get them broken in at practice first. Even so, I keep a big supply of moleskin in our first-aid kit!