When I started On The Pitch, there were almost no blogs dedicated to primarily to Youth Soccer. A few blog like sites that were offshoots of soccer magazines, etc. But nothing on the independent side. So it’s always cool when I stumble across a youth soccer coach or administrator that’s started blogging about youth soccer.

Murray has started a site called Soccer Coaching Guide with in depth articles about coaching youth soccer. He hopes to provide a valuable resource for new coaches as they begin their coaching journey:

I want to use this guide as a means of sharing my experiences and knowledge with you and offering tips and advice on such things as fitness, nutrition, coaching, soccer gear and anything else to do with soccer. If you are a new coach or a parent, hopefully you will find this advice helpful or if you are an experienced coach, it might help to reinforce something you already know.

Even though the site is only a couple months old, he has a number of articles up already. So stop by and pay a visit.

Welcome to the SoccerSphere Murray!