Hayden’s Mom Speaks Out

The Oxford Soccer Club recently posted a note from Mary Ellias, the mother of the young boy recently killed by a falling soccer goal. Apparently the goal became unstable after a previous play – but nobody saw it happen (play was at the other end of the field when it happened) so it’s doubtful they’ll ever know. My condolences go out to the Ellias family and they have my utmost respect for working to turn this tragedy into an awareness program for goal safety.

UPDATE: See below for the note as the article on Oxford’s site ‘fell off’ as new ones were posted – I could find a way to link to archived articles.

Here is what Oxford Soccer had posted (thanks Google Cache!):

Goal Safety …. Message from Virginia Mom

I received this message from Mrs. Ellias. With her permission I have posted it on our web site. I received this in response to a message I sent on behalf of OSC. OSC is working with the Granville Athletic Park to establish a “Goal Safety Program”. We will be implementing a similar program at the Masonic Children’s Home.

“I’m Hayden Ellias’s mom, I just want to say “Thank you” for spreading the word regarding Hayden’s death. I cannot stress enough the importance of goal safety. I suppose we will never know what truly happened, but our best guess is the goal became “tipsy” in a play that happened just seconds before when he saved a goal. We can only guess that the goal either tipped from that or a gust of wind came by. Hayden was standing 6 feet in front of the goal when it hit him,

which is why we can only guess the sequence of events.

We are trying to spread the word to make sure ALL goals are anchored down, and/or sand bagged. I don’t think anyone realizes just how heavy the goals are. Also, please note. this was a practice not a game. We generally rely on our refs to check the goals, we need to be sure the coaches and or parents are doing the same during practices.

Thank you again for informing people on goal safety.

Mary Ellias”

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  1. Hmm… that link just seems to go to the main page of the site; I couldn’t find the note you are referring to.

  2. Heh – it was there yesterday. They posted new stuff and the old stuff just ‘fell off’ Can’t find an archive link anywhere so found it in Google’s cache.