Josh over at Throughball has been having some fun with the news that the SoccerSphere’s [snark]Favorite USMNT Player Ehva[/snark] is getting married. Josh found that Landon and his stunning fiancée Bianca Kajlich have registered at Macy’s, the Pottery Barn and elsewhere. What better way for the SoccerSphere to show Landon that we care than sending a gift to the happy couple? Josh figures it’s worth getting the thank you note:

I think we should all chip in and get him and his stunning fiancée a nice gift.

There is one primary reason for this: proper etiquette demands that the recipient of a gift send a thank you note to the gift giver. And, say what you will, a thank you note from Landon Donovan would be pretty cool.

All snark aside – I have to agree with Josh – that is pretty cool. Of course we all know it’ll be signed by Bianca or a machine, not Landon :) Building on that, I think the next soccer blogger to get married has to get a gift from the rest of us. I can only imagine what it would be.