A reminder to parents, relatives, friends, etc. If you choose to drive to your little pride and joy’s soccer match drunk AND decide to park in a handicap space, rest assured a league official WILL call the police. Prepare to sit in your car a long time as well because the police will HAPPILY wait around until you decide to turn the key to leave. Because we know waiting around for hours can be a drag, you should also know that certain enterprising league officers will also let the police know when your pride and joy plays in the future so they can witness you arriving instead of waiting for you to leave.

Just sayin…

This has been a somewhat snarky public service announcement from On The Pitch. Have a nice day!

UPDATE: In case you think I’m insensitive with my snarky post above, rest assured I’m not. My heart goes out to kids with parents having substance abuse problems. Believe me – I’ve coached kids whose parents had a drug problem and we did everything we could to keep them in the program just to get them outside having fun. We arranged transportation (since they had trouble getting reliable transportation to the fields) and bent over backwards only to have their father yank them out of the program anyway. It’s heartbreaking. But when you show up at the soccer complex driving through the parking lot intoxicated, my sympathy goes out the window because now you’re endangering EVERYbody. I’m still incredulous that this even happened. Yes, too many people drive drunk – but coming to your kid’s soccer match too drunk to even get out of your car? WTF?