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  1. Bow wow
    July 25, 2006

    O MY GOD!! these people are crazy THESE WERE THE HIGHEST RATINGS EVER!!! Dave O’Brien did a tremendous jod considering he just got thrown in there!! his style of comentating gets so many more viewers

  2. Soccer Dad
    July 27, 2006

    Bow wow – Do you really think the high ratings were BECAUSE of Dave O’Brien? Instead of, you know, the match itself, it being the World Cup?

    I don’t think anyone faulted his style (well maybe he could act a LITTLE more excited when someone scores) Read the articles out there. People were upset that he GOT thrown into this and when he did, he clearly wasn’t prepared. Had he cut his teeth in the MLS for a year, I think he probably COULD have been a decent World Cup announcer. But would you take an announcer from, say, hockey and have them be the top announcer for the World Series? Would fans approve? I thought not.

    Oh and just a hint – I don’t know for sure if you did, but it seems likely you took the same comment and pasted it into a few different blogs. When you do that, the spam networks flag it as spam. When it got here, it was immediately flagged as spam by the system we use (Akismet), so you might consider posting different comments at each. I had to ‘rescue’ your comment from my spam filter (Spam Karma 2 – rocks!). Just a thought.

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