Via the World Cup Blog, I found ProPunter’s Top Ten World Cup Goals. A very nice collection and I’d have to agree that Maradona’s goal was a thing of beauty (as were many of his). As one of the World Cup Blog commentors noted:

I’ve no dispute with Maradona at #1. His explanation for that goal is
priceless, too. He has said that that run proved successful because the
English are the most honorable footballers in the world. I.e., if the
tables were turned, he’d have laid down a crazy tackle to stop it.

Now if you really want to start some arguments Smiley and have some fun – combine the MLS Goal of the Decade candidates with the World Cup  Ten and come up with a combined Top Ten list of goals. While we’re at it, let’s toss in‘s Top Ten Premiership Goals. Any takers? What would your Top Ten be?