NCYSA LogoToday was a big day for our young soccer league. We had applied for ‘Level 2’ membership with our state soccer association last fall. Level 2 means we can have Recreation and Challenge level teams capable of participating in state sanctioned tournaments and events and we can have Challenge teams participating in our local Challenge league.

It took a lot of work to get everything together and our approval wasn’t a sure thing.  But after a spirited debate, we got approved for full Level 2 Challenge membership.  We were surprised to find out that we’re now the 22nd largest league in the state association out of 96 or so leagues, though a number of them only do Challenge and Classic. But even in terms of Recreation, we’re the 13th largest out of 70 (with the caveat that some city run Rec programs that are larger than us aren’t NCYSA affiliated). We figured we’d be near the bottom in terms of size.

So needless to say we’re pretty excited, but also scared to death at how our little league has grown and the things that lie ahead of us. 2006 should be an exciting year for us!