There has been much discussion and debate about why the USSF has formed the USSF Development Academy for boys only and when they might implement a similar system for girls. Up until now it’s been mostly trying to glean hints from various interviews with USSF notables.

Now it looks like US Club and others are trying to fill that void by taking the Red Bull League and expanding it into a structure that is very similar to what USSF has going for the boys. 

Here are the details posted over at BigSoccer

On March 12, 2009, a new league proposal will be presented to the top clubs in the country — the Elite Clubs National League (“ECNL”). The proposal will address the following areas in significant detail:

  • A five-year plan for U15 thru U17 age players.
  • The ECNL Operating and Governance Policy.
  • A plan for ECNL marketing, promotion, and expansion.
  • The ECNL competition structure.
  • The ECNL National Championship.
  • The ECNL player identification process.
  • The ECNL U18 Super League.

With the participation of the clubs invited to the March 12, 2009 presentation, the new ECNL will represent the highest level of competition in girl’s youth soccer, and will insure that the developmental environment for the American female youth soccer player continues to improve.

The key is getting the invited clubs to participate, but with the success of the boys academy, the elite clubs have to be under pressure from parents of girls to do something.

This may fail, it may not. But it will be interesting to watch as it unfolds. H/T followtherules at the NC-Soccer forums