I have to admit that in my years helping run a soccer league, we never even thought about an explicit ban on concealed weapons because it’s just so out there. Now, we use a city facility, so they’re banned anyway as most cities have banned concealed weapons at public parks and facilities. But still…

The fact that a soccer mom wore a gun openly at a kids soccer match makes your head spin:

What’s the difference between a bulldog and a soccer mom?

In the case of Meleanie Hain, it’s a loaded sidearm.

On Sept. 11, Hain created a stir among other parents when she wore her weapon – a loaded Glock 26, about the size of an adult hand – in a holster to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game at Optimist Park in Lebanon, also known as Southwest Park.

Although she did not break a law by carrying the weapon openly, she is now facing the loss of her concealed-weapons permit. But she is not giving up without a fight.

“I’m just a soccer mom who has always openly carried (a firearm), and I’ve never had a problem before,” she said. “I don’t understand why this is happening to me.”

Just wow. What would you do if you found out a soccer parent was carrying a gun to matches openly or concealed? Does your coaching code of conduct prohibit them from carrying concealed weapons to matches?

H/T yhatemetoo and AnonX at NC Soccer Forum