Sorry for so many posts related to my own team – I try to avoid that. Instead I try to focus on issues about youth soccer in general, but a lot of things have happened with my team that tie directly into bigger issues. So bear with me as I work through a backlog of ideas and posts, many triggered by things my own team has experienced.

But this post is pure fun – yet another installment in Tales From The Lunachick Fringe.

My U12 girls team recently played a rare Friday night match as a makeup. This was neat for the girls because most of our home matches are played Saturday or Sunday afternoon when the soccer complex is deserted except for an occasional travel match going on. Friday nights the complex is jammed with every field in use for Recreation matches. So they love playing on Friday night because a lot of people will wander over to watch and cheer. They played a solid match, but the fun really started afterward.

First, the oldest player on the team had turned 12, so instead of a post match chat, the team sang her happy birthday at full volume. One of our players had scored her first goal for the team, which she was very excited about. But then the team discovered that was her first goal ever. They went crazy and posed for a team picture so her parents could save the moment. Lots of cheering ensued and she was beaming from ear to ear.

But wait – those are fairly normal stories for a soccer team right? These are the Lunachicks we’re talking about – it has to get better. Oh it does.

After a previous match, the girls came off the field saying they were REALLY hungry and asked why we never had snacks anymore after matches. Kind of like participation trophies, some things fade away with travel soccer. Well I mentioned it to the parents and sure enough, we had snacks again, starting that night. So when I told the team we had snacks, they let out a cheer and ran for the parent sideline.

Standing on the sideline holding the snacks was the father of one of our players. Standing next to him was my 11 year old son who had come to watch the match. As the father saw the wave of Lunachicks running toward him for the snacks, he handed them to my son and said ‘RUN!’ Let’s just say it was hilarious watching 14 Lunachicks chasing down my eldest, who was doing his best to elude them. One of our faster players eventually caught him, grabbed him with both hands, and hurled him to the ground. The snacks went everywhere and it was like a feeding frenzy. As the Lunachicks grabbed snacks from all over the field, my eldest jumped up grinning ear to ear and the parents were laughing in hysterics.

Must have been a full moon. Throughout all this, our opponent was still having their post match discussion in a far corner of the field. I’m sure they think we’re all certifiable.