Issue #2 of the NCYSA Sideline Beacon – a newsletter for NC recreation soccer – is out and it covers a topic on the mind of team managers everywhere. How to Select a Snack:

The game is over and the players are looking at you as the coach, the person in the know. You are thinking that they are looking for your insight on the game that they just played; how can we get better as players and as a team; what is our strategy for practice this coming week to fix those problems so that we can improve; what inspiring words do you have for us – but in actuality all they are looking for is the SNACK!

It goes on to list seven things to consider when choosing a snack. The newsletter also includes a few practice activity ideas. What other ideas do you all have?

Funny story – as teams get older, many of the things common with younger teams fall by the wayside. Participation trophies, post game snacks, etc. Recently my U12 girls got done with a match and one of them says “Man I’m starving! Why don’t we do snacks anymore?” We had a snack schedule the next week, much to the girl’s delight. The parents figured they’d grown out of it.