Our league recently put together a player evaluation form for our select players to try and give parents some additional feedback about how their players were doing. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive look at how a player is progressing and what they need to focus on. Yet the reaction from our coaches so far has been lukewarm at best. We made it a requirement that our select coaches provide evaluations for their players, yet most resisted doing so. We strongly suggested that our Rec coaches fill them out as well, but I don’t know if any did. One select coach felt it was redundant because they had provided verbal feedback all season. I’m doing them for my team, though I’m only about halfway through doing them. They do take some time to complete.

It’s been difficult, as you want to be honest, but also don’t want to be overly negative and impact a player’s confidence. Everyone has room for improvement, but there is a worry that players may compare their ratings. Of course if the evaluations are given out during the offseason, that’s less likely. My main worry is parents getting upset because the evaluation highlights more areas for improvement than they thought there were. But I feel the benefits far outweigh any potential problems as it improves communication between a coach and their parents.

As a coach, I think this is a great thing to do for players. As a parent, I like to know where a coach thinks my kids can improve. We made it a PDF form, so it’s easy to fill out. What do you all think? Does your league hand out evaluations for players? If they do, are they something you find useful? If they don’t, would you want them to?