It’s so quiet. Is everyone enjoying their offseason? Mine was kind of short – optional practices are starting up in a week or so. It’s going to be HOT. But what are you all up to?

As the next season approaches, I wanted to reach out to you all and see what you’d like to see here at On The Pitch. Things you’d like me to write about, products you’d like reviewed, stuff like that. I’m working on some significant new features for the site that hopefully will make it more useful than just a place for me to spout off 🙂 In the three years I’ve been writing about youth soccer, I’ve been amazed at how little online discussion is going on about it.

I’m also interacting a lot more via social networks, so if you ever want to chat with Soccer Dad or even just follow other conversations I’m having, you can find me at Plurk, Twitter, Pownce, and even Facebook (which I don’t use much). I use Plurk the most. My goal is to try and use social networks to build youth soccer conversations that may spill out on the blog here or the youth soccer forums.