From the Christian Science Monitor (H/T ncguy3), we find five ways to avoid becoming a Soccer Mom. My favorites:

Rule 3: Don’t do sports. After dumping your van, this is the most important rule. Don’t, under any circumstances, let your child join a sports team – especially a travel team. No matter how talented your child is. No matter how many friends are joining Pee Wee soccer. And don’t listen to those dads who say your 3-year-old will someday be a corporate titan if he knows how to be a team player. Forget thoughts of college scholarships, too. In all likelihood, your child won’t be good enough to qualify.

Rule 5: Buy a car without air bags. You might need to scout used-car lots, but your efforts will pay off. Better yet, buy an old Volkswagen Beetle. Then you can whimper, “Sorry, I’d love to do the pick up on field trip day, but my vehicle has no air bags and no room.”

Too funny. As I’ve noted before, it’s always fun watching parents who swore they’d never be ‘sports parents’ end up completely immersed in their child’s activities.

On a more serious note, I’ve noticed a number of opinion pieces recently talking about how parents are finding their lives revolving more around their children than ever before. I can’t say it’s a bad thing so long as parents are able to keep it in perspective. Having returned from one of the larger fall Challenge soccer tournaments in North Carolina this past weekend, I saw thousands of parents happily cheering their kids on and making a weekend get away out of a soccer tournament (the Koury Center is a happening place on big tournament weekends). I know my kids had a blast and my wife and I did too. If our kids aren’t sick of us – that’s a good thing. But it’s also interesting how many people who don’t have kids think sports parents are certifiable. To each their own I guess.