Over at the NC Soccer Forums, there’s a fun discussion going on:

From playnow:

With the recent boom of programs across the country (state youth academy, USSF academy, Red Bull, national premier league, super y league, region III premier league, etc.), I’d be interested to see what people had to say about youth soccer if they had to break it down to one short statement of what is most important to them. Mine would be:

Even with all of the programs and incentives and bells and whistles that clubs are competing to be a part of, it all still comes down to a player finding a team with a coach who will teach them well, and within a club that has a staff committed to giving that player the individual attention they need to reach their personal goals.

So what would you guys have to say if you had to give your opinion in one short statement?

Read the thread to see the many single sentence summations of youth soccer. My favorite so far? From MGLParent:

Pulled apart between those that say win at any cost and those that do not even want to have tryouts.

I think I’d replace ‘have tryouts’ with ‘keep score’.

How would you sum up youth soccer in a single sentence?