joma.jpg I’ve had a couple people ask which kit our travel teams finally went with for the 2007-08 season. We initially were looking at a striped kit to really stand out. However, a couple people were worried that if we went with, say, Black/Royal and White/Royal (the Yellow/Black didn’t appeal to most as an away jersey), a referee might not allow either against a team wearing solid royal. I didn’t think this likely, but they were nervous enough to go with a mostly solid kit. They chose the kit at the right from Joma.

It’s a nice kit. The picture doesn’t show it, but there is some additional alternate color design on the bottom of the sides (it’s tucked into the shorts in the picture). The yellow is also much more vibrant than it looks here. It’s almost neon, which is cool. Plus they were a great deal. Two jerseys, shorts, and socks for around $35 in quantity. Add in the lettering, logo, etc, it still is under $50/kit.

The only problem with the yellow one is you can see through it. But we already suggest our girls wear Under Armour, t-shirts, sports tops, etc. under their uniform to matches so they can easily change colors at the field. So this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

So that’ll be the MYSA this year. Yes – we’re one of those teams that often make the refs change shirt colors.