newcastle_jersey.jpgSomething I’ve noticed in our local travel league is that the kits tend to be very boring. Not cheap by any means (most are solid color adidas kits), but plain, often just a solid color and the league logo. I know professional teams tend to use plain kits as well, but these are kids. Why not let them have some fun? Opening day for our Rec league is always fun as the teams trot out their new uniforms – most with color graphic designs, etc. Score Sports is a popular vendor because of their colorful designs. My U8 team used these kits (white/green/black) from Teamwork Athletic and they looked great. But the travel teams we’ve seen are much more subdued.

razorv1.gifAs our league gets ready for the 2007-2008 Challenge season, we’ve been talking about what kit to get our teams. Unlike Rec where teams can get any uniform they want, our Challenge teams all wear the same kit in Royal Blue and Yellow (our league colors) with the Home Jersey mostly Royal Blue and the away jersey mostly Yellow. Yeah, we’re one of those leagues that force the referees to change out of yellow! So a few of us have been talking about maybe ditching the solid jersey and going with something a bit more bold. This Newcastle style kit from Jogo caught our eye (right) and sure would stand out (we’d get the black/yellow version for away matches). So would a uniform like this one (left) from OT Sports using Royal Blue and Yellow.

So why shouldn’t we? Is there some unwritten rule that travel team jerseys have to be plain? I think we may just spice things up a bit. What do you think?