As I noted recently, I’ll be coaching a travel team this fall – U11 Girls, in the TCL Challenge League. We put together a really good group of players who are super excited to play. How excited they’ll be after the conditioning workouts this week remains to be seen. But once you have a new team – priority #1 is picking a new name.

How’s this for excitement? One of the girls trying out, who played with the U10 Boys last year, had already put together a page full of possible names and gave them to me saying if she made the team, she wanted to help with choosing a team name. She noted her personal favorite was The Lunachicks, since about 40% of the parents seemed to react badly to Dixie Chicks Smiley. I told my assistant coach about it and he just shook his head. “No, ANYthing but that!”

Well tryouts came and went and when I sent out all the suggested names I had received, The Lunachicks was the unanimous favorite. I love it, but it gives my assistant coach a tic. I told him the girls would pitch in to buy him a bright pink coaches jersey with ‘Lunachick Coach‘ printed on it. To which he responds “Hey I like pink – I’ll wear mine if you wear one yourself”

I think it’s going to be an entertaining year!