Lest you think that crazy soccer parents are unique to American youth soccer, we find this:

“A female parent from the visiting team came running onto the pitch and attacked a 13-year-old. She pushed the 13-year-old onto the ground, so the girl was lying on her back,” Tor Eriksen of the Bardufoss regional sports association (BOIF) told NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting).

The BOIF girls were called a range of nasty names, and were also told to “get their ugly asses off the field”, NRK reports.

The excitable mother from Tromsø was not content with insults and flinging a girl to the ground, she then took a stranglehold on the referee and had to be restrained by BOIF leaders.

How do you say “It’s just a game!” in Norwegian? (Berserk is ‘vill’ 😉 )