Youth soccer is inherently a social sport for the parents. Standing on the sidelines for matches and practices seems to be an ideal situation for socializing. So it isn’t uncommon to have soccer teams doing activities off the field together. Now granted, you want to broaden your child’s social horizons, so limiting their socializing to their soccer team isn’t a great idea, but who says that all their time with their soccer team has to be on the field. Some of my best memories as a soccer parent are often from the socializing that goes on between the matches, at end of season parties, etc. So I read with interest a recent thread over at the NC Soccer Forum about ideas off field activities:

Just curious if anyone does any "off field" activities to help build "team bonding" between players…(ex. trips to the mall, camping, swim parties. etc.).

And if so, which activities seem to be more feasible, or works better for you…


There were some interesting responses:

  • An equipment Passback drive
  • 5K runs
  • Tournaments (the time away from the fields)
  • Amusement Parks
  • Pre-season team meetings at Hooters (U14 boys 🙂 )
  • Team dance/ball
  • Dinner out (Japanese steakhouse, etc)
  • Indoor rock wall climbing
  • The beach
  • Pool outings
  • Pumpkin carving at Halloween

I’m sure other teams out there have done neat off the field activities. Care to share some ideas?