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Ever Notice The Kids Know Better Than Some Parents?

Tweet Remember the story about the football team that had a chance to play for the championship taken away from them when their coaches were fired? Simply because the commissioner’s son was actually played at offense during a game? If not, read the original post. It’s amazing how selfish this guy was, no matter how […]

You Know You’re a Soccerhead When…

Tweet The other day I had to run some errands around town. As I’m driving through downtown, heading towards 5th Street, which would take me where I needed to go, I turned down 3rd Street without even thinking about it. I had gone a few blocks before I realized, um, no I didn’t need to […]

Top Ten Signs Soccer Season Is Over

Tweet Sorry for the lack of posts. The end of the season is always hectic and once everything finally ends, you just have to decompress. Otherwise you might shout things like "Pass the BALL!" at Thanksgiving dinner when you meant pass the turkey. So I hibernated for a few days (and got sick to boot […]

Referral and Sponsor Shout Out for October 2006

Tweet I’m WAY late with this but the end of October was hectic to say the least! Sorry about that. As we do every month at On The Pitch, here’s a shout out to some of the sites that linked here and sent traffic our way this month. Be sure to pay them a visit […]

QOTW: How Do You De-Soccerify?

Tweet Jenn over at Mommy Needs Coffee adds a new word to the soccer lexicon: De-Soccerify: Soccer Saturday.  I must admit that I am not one of those super Alpha Moms that gets overly into the games, freaks out at a loss and pushes my kid to WIN WIN WIN.  Face it.  After 9 years […]

Fundraising That Is So Wrong – It’s Right

Tweet Fund-raising is a part of youth soccer. Travel expenses for tournaments, team equipment, end of season parties, etc. So I figured I’d share this interesting fund-raiser that my kids are doing at school. It’s competitive with a twist of, well, revenge. It feels wrong, but it is genius and I had never heard of […]

MLS Announces Their Youth Development Program

Tweet The MLS has finally announced their Youth Development Program: MLS is requiring each of its teams next season to establish a youth amateur program, separate from the pro club. These youth teams will give talented young players with professional aspirations an excellent opportunity to pursue their dreams, stay close to home, and continue their […]

W-L-T or W-T-L

Tweet This is one of those head scratching things. I’ve seen soccer standings printed both as Win-Loss-Tie and Win-Tie-Loss. I’m guessing, but I think the former is mostly an Americanized thing while the latter is the more ‘International’ style. Total guess. It makes sense to have the ties in the middle since you get a […]

Christmas Gifts for Soccer Fans

Tweet ADDING » Here’s our Christmas Gift List for 2007 LDSM Soccer Mom did a little virtual Christmas shopping for soccer fans and posted what she found. I so want the soccer ball ornament. Must. Have. If you know of other cool gifts for soccer fans, by all means post them in her comment section! […]

The MYSA U10 Storm Bring Home The Silver Cup

Tweet I finally got everything posted I had wanted to from this weekend, so now I can post about the fun we had this past weekend. As many of you know, I coach a co-ed U10 Recreational team in our local league and they’ve had a really good season this Fall. We decided to take […]

QOTW: How To Handle Referee Development…

Tweet We’re having a rather interesting debate with some parents in our league over how we handle the development of referees. It raises a number of interesting issues so I thought I’d share them with you all and see what you thought with our Question of the Week: How Should Referee Development Be Handled? Like […]

Soccer Can Be A Religion, But…

Tweet We all know soccer can be a religion to its many fans around the world, but a line gets crossed when religion is used to mold a soccer team. At a public university. Over at TBogg, he highlights a recent situation at San Diego State University where four players were thrown off the team, […]

Trophies, Awards, and Medals, Oh My!

Tweet While I was on the other end of the state with my U10 team trying to win a tournament trophy, the coaches in our league decided to have a very informative and spirited debate about end of season awards, participation trophies, and alternatives. As season wrap up and teams decide what to do across […]

How Can Anyone Be So Selfish and Arrogant?

Tweet What was this father THINKING? I don’t care HOW good you think your kid might be, how could you ruin the season of a group of dedicated kids like this just to enact revenge on a coach for not submitting to your dictatorial edicts? The South County Raptors, a scrappy football team made up […]

You Leave For One Weekend…

Tweet And all heck breaks loose! Sorry for not getting posts up right away. After being gone all weekend, I came back to find all sorts of issues brewing with the parents. So I had to deal with those first. Lots of posts to come, and yes, of course I’m going to post about our […]