Jenn over at Mommy Needs Coffee adds a new word to the soccer lexicon: De-Soccerify:

Soccer Saturday.  I must admit that I am not one of those super Alpha Moms that gets overly into the games, freaks out at a loss and pushes my kid to WIN WIN WIN.  Face it.  After 9 years of watching soccer games, I consider it a good deed if I go and know the name of which kiddo is playing.  [ed note: She’s in total denial! Trust me.] Today was one of those days.  Get up.  Go to soccer game number one with the little one.  Come home.  Grab a snack.  Head to game number 2 with child number 2.  Get home.  De-soccerify (IS SO a word) the gang and chill out to a movie of the children’s choosing.  Which means it is a movie I have seen a bazillion times or one I do not care if I ever see.

Being a league officer and coach, plus having two kids who play (one in both Challenge and Rec), we live at the soccer complex on Saturday (unless we have an away match). So once everything winds down and we get back home, it’s major decompression time. Movies (same as above – seen them a gazillion times), game boy, fire in the fireplace when it’s cold, finger food. Aaaaahhhhhh. If it’s raining, pajamas and hot chocolate are usually required.

Thus our Question of the Week:

So how do you De-Soccerify?