Sorry for the lack of posts. The end of the season is always hectic and once everything finally ends, you just have to decompress. Otherwise you might shout things like "Pass the BALL!" at Thanksgiving dinner when you meant pass the turkey. So I hibernated for a few days (and got sick to boot – sigh) I’ve got all sorts of stuff to post about (my draft queue is getting WAY too long). So what better way to start things off than a list.

Top Ten Signs Your Kid’s Soccer Season Is Over

10. You’ve seen ‘Register for next season’ in email, hardcopy, and on signs in town.
9. You spent less than $100 on fast food last week.
8. You’re still tripping over balls in the house, but they’re orange.
7. Your heart rate hasn’t spiked in over a week.
6. The only people in bright yellow shirts you see are asking "Would you like fries with that?".
5. You slept in this past Saturday.
4. Your minivan no longer looks like someone emptied their lawn mower bag in it.
3. ‘That Smell’ has gotten less intense in the kid’s closets. Sort of.
2. None of the chairs you sat in this week came out of a bag.
1. It’s Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone a few days late! It’s fitting I guess. For some strange reason our family eats on Sunday every year, mostly because large parts of it are out of town, etc. It’s odd and all, but hey, that means the leftovers don’t start until Monday. You probably had cold turkey sandwiches yesterday, didn’t you? 🙂

Time to get out the turkey fryer. Mmmmmmmmmm. So unhealthy yet SO GOOD.