The Kin of Fish has selected the topic for the sixth Carnival of American Soccer so it’s time to get writing (Here is the BlogCarnival profile). And what an excellent topic it is:

You’ve just been handed the plum position of MLS Marketing Director.

Many of the tickets that your clubs sell or distribute go unused, creating unfilled stadiums that don’t look so good during national TV broadcasts, which will increase next year with new ESPN and Univision contracts. The growing number of intimate, soccer-specific stadiums, has not produced a significant attendance boost.

Your commissioner has said that your three target market groups are, in order of priority:

  • Youth soccer players and families
  • Hispanics
  • “Core soccer fans”

Without changes to the league structure or season (i.e. single table, no playoffs, etc. etc.), and with a reasonable but not unlimited marketing budget, what will you do to give MLS the “cool factor” that will ensure an attendance increase next season and beyond?

Having youth players at the top of the priority list is a smart move by the virtual commissioner. I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve which I’ll put together for #6. So get writing – the deadline is November 6th. Email Mr Fish with your article or submit it via BlogCarnival.