Here’s a question… Why is it when soccer fans try to discuss soccer in various forums, they attract an army of soccer hating trolls? What is it about soccer that makes people feel they have to shout out ‘I Hate Soccer’ if they don’t enjoy the sport? During the World Series, NBA Finals, or Stanley Cup, forums and blogs generally are alive with people discussing the games, players, tournament, etc. No trolls screaming ‘Baseball sucks!’. But start to discuss soccer and *poof* the trolls appear screaming ‘Soccer Is Boring’ or ‘Soccer Is For Pansies’

Why is that? What is it about soccer that makes nonfans feel they have to tell everyone how bad the sport is? The only time I see basketball, football, and baseball being belittled is usually soccer fans responding to soccer trolls. I don’t care for baseball, never have. But I don’t feel some uncontrollable urge to post to baseball forums how much I hate the game during the World Series. I just don’t watch it and go on with my life.

Perfect case in point was a recent blog post by Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly where he was bemoaning the England-Portugal match ending in PKs (only to followup with a note saying "OK, I have to admit that was pretty nerve wracking. Good stuff, even though it brings my winning streak to an end.") The comment thread ended up being mostly soccer bashing. Very odd. Even over at The News Blog where Steve is an avid soccer fan with daily open threads for the World Cup matches, some early threads had trolls going on and on (though the recent threads have been a lot of fun). Weird. I don’t recall that happening in the many Super Bowl or World Series open threads I’ve read.

Why is that?