I started this little blog mostly as a place to jot down soccer thoughts during the year. I figured a few people might read it. Well, it’s become more fun than I ever imagined. Looking at the stats for the first half of 2006, our traffic in June was 25 times that of January, February, or March. So picking up on Josh @ ThroughBall giving thanks, I wanted to send a shout out to some of the sites that linked here and sent traffic my way this month. I think I’ll do this monthly.

Here are the Top 5 referrers for June 2006:

  1. Soccerblogs.net
  2. Real Salt Lake Forums
  3. ThroughBall.com
  4. A Pretty Move
  5. The Big Lead

Thanks! And thanks to all of you who stop by to read the posts and leave comments.