Many of you may recall that DCenters ran some Google Trend comparisons to see how MLS compared to other sports. Now that the World Cup is underway at the same time as the Stanley Cup finals (Carolina is so winning it this year), I thought it might be neat to run another comparison between ‘World Cup’ and ‘Stanley Cup’.

Unfortunately, the data available to Google Trends lags a bit so they can only graph through March 2006. But I refuse to be denied! We can look at some historical data, trend-lines, and Technorati.

First up – Google Trends. Look at how the blue World Cup line is trending and look at the small peak from the 2004 Stanley Cup. I’m thinking it won’t even be close in September when we can get search data from the 2nd quarter of this year. Note this graph was for the US only.

As for Blogs, lets see how the World Cup is doing on Technorati compared to Terrorism ALL THE TIME.

Now that’s more like it! 5 of 8 Hot Tags and the Top Search, beating out the dead guy. As most of you probably realized, seeing Soccer Blogs practically scrolling downward today with new posts, blogging about the World Cup has taken off. But even I wasn’t prepared for the picture painted by the tag charts from Text-Link-Ads. World Cup blog posts are coming in at a rate of over 500 per day while posts tagged Stanley Cup – 20. Ouch.

Granted this is Internet wide, but still. It’s great to see how soccer blogging has taken off in the past year! I know I’m addicted – and proud of it!