Maybe I’m just a bad judge of how a team played, but I thought Poland did fine and could be dangerous. If they would just SHOOT the ball instead of dribbling in closer. I saw a number of chances where if they would have just ripped it – they probably would have scored instead of having the ball stripped. They had very impressive ball skills and seemed to keep the ball in Ecuador’s end of the field most of the match. Except for late in the match when they were up by 2, I can’t believe Ecuador was doing this all half on purpose with just a one point lead.

That disallowed Poland goal – no way was he offsides. The ball was 6 yards off the kickers foot when he started his run from the defender. The field striping made it clear he was even when the ball was kicked. I thought Ecuador was more offsides on their first goal. But for a few inches difference on their late shots – Poland won that match. Of course woulda coulda shoulda.

Ecuador looked good and was deadly when mistakes were made. But Poland seemed to play a solid match. A bit less dribbling in front of the goal mouth and less hitting the crossbar/post….

I think Ecuador proved they’re here to play, but I don’t think Germany should be relaxed about their match with Poland either.