Seems like the Spring season just ended!  I’ll admit I enjoyed the break in May and June, but I’m ready for things to kick off again.  It just seems like it all hits at once.  I’m sitting here in the administration tent of our league’s first week long soccer camp (more on that later), our registration period for Fall just ended, and the coaches just approved some significant changes for our league as part of pursuing affiliation with the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association.  We also have our first challenge teams which will start practice this week.  Whew!

While we still have the usual stragglers coming in after the deadline, we had a good return rate.  2 of our 3 older divisions saw a small growth (about 10 players each) and one was down about 15, though this was due to demographics mostly – we had a wave of kids age out and the incoming group wasn’t as big.  Next year there is a much larger wave moving up.  Our little ones (U6) did very well – they went down by 40 kids, but thats from the Spring where we have a special age in date for 4 year olds (March 1st vs August 1st)

Once the stragglers come in and we flush out our registrations, I expect we’ll have just about 500 players across our 4 divisions, which for us is very good.  We’re not seeing the explosive growth of the past two years since most folks know we exist now, but there are a number of large subdivisions opening up this year, so the Spring may result in lots of new players.

So we’re off!  This will be an interesting season for us due to the upcoming changes related to affiliation – I’ll keep you all posted.