We’re coming up on the deadline for registrations for the Fall 2005 season.  Our league has 3 ways to register.  You can register online, over the phone (we have a nifty voice response system that asks a series of questions to get all the information needed), or via paper form available at the soccer fields.  We email reminders, put up banners in town, and put posters up in area businesses.  And yet, people still forget to register, including many who have played in our league before.

I guess its human nature.  Over the past 2 months, we’ve see registrations trickle in at a rate of 4-8 a day.  But today, the last day of registration, no joke – we’ve had at least 30. I guess people really like to wait till the last minute (this coming from the worlds foremost procrastinator!) And if previous seasons are any indication, we’ll have dozens of parents frantically calling us this week to try and get their kids in late.

Do folks in other leagues out there have this same problem?  I know some leagues don’t require everyone to register, but we found it so much easier that way so we had an idea of who was coming back and who wasn’t.  If you do face this same problem, what do you do to try to get folks to get their registrations in?  Is the swinging of a bat involved? Smiley

Well, now that registration is winding down, I’m sure I’ll be posting more often as we ramp up the Fall 2005 season. Tomorrow night is our annual coaches meeting and we’re discussing all sorts of stuff – incorporation, state association affiliation, new rules, etc. Should be exciting!