So my youngest had an indoor match tonight (5v5). Within 5 minutes they were up 7-0. At this point the other team can put another player on the field. Then they were up 10-0. This allows for TWO additional players to try and balance things. But the coach wouldn’t do it. They lost 24-0 despite our coach begging the boys to pass to each other before shooting, but they’re 7/8 – they wanted to score and shot often. Anyone who has coached this age knows how hard it can be to get 7 year old NOT to shoot.  Just dumbfounded why the coach wouldn’t throw the extra players in to balance things some and keep the game sort of competitive. It got to where 3 of our players would watch one teammate go 1v4 and shoot. We could have pulled a player, but in a brief 40 min match with 10 players – the kids want to play. Dropping to 4 or even 3 players means most of them would just sit and watch. The other team could have gotten tons more playing time and ball touches with the extra kids on the field. Was it pride? Why subject your kids to that and not utilize the rules to help keep a lid on things????