My U7 Girls team had a pretty good season. Their first match was probably one of the most exciting and fun U7 matches I’ve ever coached. Pullbacks, crosses, possession, passing, feint moves, passing back to the defender, dribbling AWAY from the swarm, staying spread out. You name it – they were doing it. I was just astounded and had fun watching them play. No score is kept, of course, but we certainly had scored more than the other team. But all the girls had fun and it was a good match all around. So after the handshakes, the other coach pulls me aside and congratulates the girls on their match and how well they played. Then he gets quiet and says

I’m REALLY sorry, but I think one of my girls was a little upset we lost. She pointed at your team and said “They’re Dicks!”. I just dunno how to respond to that! I hope they didn’t hear it.

I almost died laughing, because when a six year old says something like that, you know they have no clue what it means and it’s probably something they heard an adult or older kid say. It was just funny. I waved it off, told the coach not to worry about it and that we enjoyed the match. Then as I’m walking toward the parking lot behind one of my players, I discovered that I really am a bit clueless:

Sometimes it is so easy as adults to overlook the simple innocent answer!