A Euro 2012 Goal Line Official In Position

I know it’s heresy – but I’m really liking the concept of the extra goal line officials in #Euro2012, because they are clearly doing more than just goal line watching and provide an extra set of eyes close by for fouls in the penalty area. Too expensive for youth matches below, say, State Cup play. But for professionals – I’d prefer this over video goal line technology because of the extra benefit in the area they provide that goal line technology does not. Can an official up close like that STILL miss a close call (say ball hammering down off the cross bar)? Perhaps. But it’s a lot less likely and if they really are communicating in fouls to the center, that makes it worthwhile. You’ll see that they seem to be carrying flag handles (which have wireless communication devices in them to signal the CR), just without the flags on them. And if they are not doing anything other than watch for a ball breaking the plane, I’d suggest expanding their role. Yes, soccer has had 3 officials on the field forever. But the time for 5 has clearly arrived. This is one experiment that needs to be implemented permanently, even though it’ll cost more.