I’ve always gotten a kick out of the reaction of parents new to soccer when the weather gets bad. Most expect when it rains that everything gets canceled. But unless there is lightning or the field is underwater – you usually play. We all have our extreme weather stories. But you rarely see pictures of these matches because people don’t want their cameras to get wet. So when you come across some, you just have to share.

This was at the NC State Cup this past Spring. Our ’94 Boys, the MYSA Storm, were playing to reach the semifinals and it was raining. A lot:

Storm Victory Slide

The '94 MYSA Storm celebrate reaching the State Cup semifinals with water slides

The fields were basically underwater, but as anyone attending a State Cup knows – if they can get the preliminaries in safely – they will. Do you think the boys were bummed about playing in the rain? I know as long as it’s warm, my teams have always loved playing in the rain and mud.

What types of weather have you seen your kids play in? Have any pictures to share?